Ink-Wise Inkjet Mailer
Say goodbye to expensive inkjet cartridges forever!
After mailing your cartridge, the factory professionally cleans and refills your used cartridge. The cost includes remanufacturing, AND all shipping to and from the factory. Send your choice of black or color cartridges! No expiration date - use as needed. Allow 10 business days to receive your cartridge, but don't be surprised if you receive it sooner! 180-day warranty and complete instructions included.
One Source Imaging is located in Wisconsin and a provider of the Ink-Wise inkjet cartridge recycling mailer.

We also sell laser toner cartridges, off-the-shelf inkjet cartridges, fax films, and dot matrix ribbons.

If you're a business, school, or government agency, contact us about setting up an open account!

Volume discounts available.
About One Source Imaging
Just mail off your empty inkjet cartridge in our postage-paid mailer, and receive a replacement cartridge in just 5-10 days!
So, what happens if the particular cartridge you sent can't be successfully refilled? They send you a FREE replacement mailer for use with your next empty cartridge! See our FAQ page for more details.

The Ink-wise mailer is available as either a single-cartridge or two-cartridge mailer.
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